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Canon DM-100 - Fyndvara

Artikelnummer: 0207013875

Riktad mikrofon passande Canons LEGRIA-kameror. Mikrofonen är i nyskick. Den har endast varit uppackad och demonstrerad på mässa. 3 månaders garanti
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799 kr
Lagerstatus: I lager
Lagerstatus: I lager
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  1. Beskrivning

The Canon Directional Stereo Microphone DM-100 is an accessory developed for LEGRIA HD camcorders. By connecting the DM-100 via the Mini Advanced Shoe feature, the microphone can capture pristine audio at various angles by selecting from up to 3 directions.


  • Record pristine quality sound for your movies with this stereo microphone and windshield
  • Choose from pure shotgun or shotgun + surrounding sound modes
  • The microphone is powered by the camcorder's power source so you remain cable-free
  • Wind shields are included

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